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This wheel is illustrated, measuring 22cm to fit in small children's hands. It is also used with individuals who prefer not to be confronted with too much vocabulary, or people who cannot read.


🌟 Discover the revolutionary tool for better managing your emotions! 🌟

🤔 Do you struggle to identify and manage your emotions on a daily basis?

🤔 Do you want to improve your emotional well-being and strengthen your self-confidence?

Then, the Emotions Wheel by L'Autrement Dit is perfect for you!

Take action! Make the Emotions Wheel your ally for an emotionally fulfilling life! 🌺

Discover how to use the Emotions Wheel to uncover your emotions and needs.


🌈 What is the Emotions Wheel?

The Emotions Wheel is an innovative tool designed to help you identify your emotions, understand your underlying needs, and learn to respond to them in an appropriate and congruent manner.

Based on the latest advances in neuroscience and positive psychology, this wheel will guide you on an inner journey to better self-awareness and improve your quality of life.


⭐ Why choose the Emotions Wheel?

By using the Emotions Wheel, you will be able to:

🧠 Enhance your emotional skills

🌱 Reduce your stress levels

💪 Strengthen your self-confidence

🌻 Foster positive emotions in your daily life


For everyone

👦👧 Suitable for all ages!

Whether for children, teenagers, or adults, the Emotions Wheel is an accessible tool for everyone to better understand and express their emotions. Younger individuals can learn to put words to their feelings, while adults can deepen their self-knowledge.

💼 For education and healthcare professionals!

The Emotions Wheel is also a valuable ally for education and healthcare professionals, helping them better support their patients and students in emotional management.

🎁 Order your Emotions Wheel today and start your journey towards better emotional management!

🚚 Fast delivery throughout Canada and the United States

Your order will be shipped from Gatineau, QC, with an average delivery time of 15 business days.


Quality comes at a cost. Our values do too.

The Wheels are printed in Belgium (not in China!)

They are printed on FSC cardboard with vegetable-based inks and assembled by individuals with disabilities, respecting their work.

Emotions Wheel - Illustrated version - ENGLISH

SKU : RDE-ill-EN


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